Margaret is always on the move – between her job and her family, she has little time to think about her own wellness. Thankfully, she found a solution in Interactive Health. A longtime member, Margaret has learned that by sharing test results directly with her doctor, she can effectively use her visit time to discuss the results with her doctor and plan next steps. Now, Margaret feels empowered to track her well-being and take action, while also living life to the fullest.

How Margaret Stays Healthy on a Busy Schedule
Between juggling being a full-time art teacher and raising my son, it can be hard to take off time during the school year to see my doctor. I usually only make an appointment with my doctor if there’s a problem, and sometimes I go long stretches of time in between appointments because I am just too busy.

Fortunately, my school district has been a longtime partner of Interactive Health, and they provide annual health screenings and flu shots. The screenings have been a great chance for me to see how I’m doing and to check in on my blood pressure and cholesterol. High cholesterol runs in my family and I don’t know how I’d keep tabs on mine if it weren’t for Interactive Health. The flu shots always fall at a convenient time – usually late September – so I’m able to stay on top of flu season before it even begins.

When I am able to make it into my doctor, it’s a huge plus that I’m able to share my screening results with him. In preparation for my appointments now, I don’t need to have additional tests that take time and involve fasting. I also like being able to look at my past results and monitor how they change over the years. Keeping tabs on my own well-being makes me feel empowered to be my healthiest self and I couldn’t do it without the longtime support of Interactive Health.

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