This time of year, is all about giving thanks and giving back. But for some companies, the season never stops: Through employee initiatives, and volunteer programs, they find ways to make serving their communities a year-round mission.

Interactive Health is no exception. Erica Lokshin, health coach and wellness program lead shares how Interactive Health instills a culture of compassion beyond the holidays through variety of volunteering initiatives promoted year-round though our own employee wellbeing program.  

Erica shares how Interactive Health employees help our communities

As a health coach for Interactive Health, I strive to inspire and motivate our members to lead healthier happier lives.  Similarly, I have a unique opportunity to give back to our own employees and spouses in my role as one of the wellness program leads for our own wellness program “Inspire Health.”

Interactive Health has provided a comprehensive wellness solution for our own employees and spouses for more than a decade. The program has evolved over time and in 2018 we expanded it to include more holistic activities representing what wellness means. Actively promoting purposeful and unselfish acts of kindness in our employee population aligned with our corporate core values and our 2018 wellbeing goals.

Everyone wins when we place a priority on giving back. The community and the environment benefit, but that’s not all.   Each individual who participates reaps many rewards and Interactive Health has more engaged employees that ultimately raise the bar on how we compassionately serve our clients and their members.

Our employees were very proactive in suggesting ways to promote activism and engage with the community. In 2018, we sprinkled fun and engaging activities such as volunteer opportunities, blood drives, heart walks, Earth Day and Attitude of Gratitude flash challenges into the wellness program. Wellness program leads, Nina Wedig and Caitlin Quigley, along with the wellness committee and wellness champions promoted these activities through email, flyers, a monthly calendar and monthly newsletter to get employees engaged.

It didn’t take long for a culture of compassion to blossom.  During the Earth Day challenge, over 130 people logged their activity. One employee reported, “I unplugged all unused devices, opened windows, used a refillable water bottle and gathered old clothes to donate.” Others picked up litter, recycled, and walked to the grocery store instead of driving.

Even though our employees actively and selflessly give back to the local community, we give them additional motivation by tying participation in philanthropic activities and community-based volunteer opportunities to points that contribute to achieving an overall activities goal. During the past year, employees checked blood pressures at church events, coached youth soccer teams, put on an event for kids at a homeless shelter and much more.

I am very proud to be a part of an organization who is committed to serving the greater good.  Interactive Health wishes everyone a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. See you in 2019!


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