“Know what your customers want most and what your company does best and focus on where those two meet” says Kevin Stirtz, author of More Loyal Customers. Interactive Health employee Irma Arias is doing just that. See how this member services representative leverages customer feedback to enhance our member’s online wellness program experience.

Irma shares valuable member feedback

I love talking with people and get energized when I can help resolve issues and delight our members. Over the past two years serving as a member services representative, I have had the privilege of speaking to hundreds of individuals across the country who participate in employer wellness programs provided by Interactive Health.

Technology has always been a hot topic of discussion among our members because everyone has a different level of understanding and they are not alone. Almost 70% of all Americans age 16-65 have limited computer skills. Many of our members call in because they are uncomfortable with the online experience, are unsure how to navigate the member portal; need help participating in online challenges or need clarification on how their activity points translate into incentive dollars for participation.

An elderly couple called member services because they were having trouble navigating the website due to a lack of experience using a computer. The couple was nervous that their lack of computer knowledge would inhibit their ability to complete the company sponsored wellness program requirements. I was able to log in as a test user to mirror what they were viewing and helped them more confidently navigate the site.

When I work with members like this elderly couple to resolve an issue or provide additional clarification; I receive customer feedback that is valuable to other departments within our organization. An entrepreneur and author of Wind in your Sails once said “Customers often know more about your products than you do. Use them as a source of inspiration and ideas for product development.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement.

Our organization takes customer feedback very seriously and as a result we continue to enhance our services to improve the member experience. For example, because of high demand, we added a downloadable physician verification form that members can access 24/7 and updated instructions for resetting passwords on the member website be more intuitive and user friendly.

I am happy to leverage my experience listening and working with members in my new role as Healthy Activities Process Specialist. It has allowed me to think like a member and provide valuable input on improvements to flash challenges, team challenges, our personal health action plan and the Interactive Health app.


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