When Ti, a 29-year-old developer, got her health screening result back, she realized it was time to act. She was at high risk for a number of conditions, so she completed every Interactive Health workshop she could, she checked out nutrition books from the library, and she came up with a way to self-start her exercise routine. By her second screening, Ti had lost 30 pounds and has no intention of slowing down her new healthy lifestyle.

How Ti Built New, Healthy Habits to Lose 30 Pounds

When I got the results back from my first screening, there were health alerts regarding my diabetes risk, heart risk, blood risk, and so on. Almost every icon was red. I realized I must have some bad habits for my health to be this bad

I researched each lab value that I was out of range on and learned how they worked to affect my health using the Interactive Health website. I completed every workshop I could to learn how I could improve my lifestyle.

As suggested in one of the workshops, I started eating healthier – half a plate of vegetables, a quarter plate of meat, and another quarter rice. I also started exercising. I’m not as disciplined as I’d like to be regarding exercise, but my husband and I created our own game to convert our exercising time to money that we can spend on our extra needs. Now when I am exercising, I am thinking of saving money for my new clothes or a new computer. This game really motivates me.

I finished reading a nutrition book which I borrowed from the library. Now I have a better understanding of micronutrients and macronutrients, as well as what makes a food healthy or unhealthy. I learned to read nutrition panels for every product that I buy in the grocery store, which helps me make healthier decisions.

By the time I had gone back for my second screening, I had lost 30 pounds. And still counting!

— as told to Interactive Health via online form


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