Elkay has been considered one of the pioneers in providing biometric screening services to its employees. Several years ago, they made the strategic decision to take their wellness program to the next level and offer a program that better matched the company’s values, complemented their safety initiatives, and provided greater member accountability. The result: a thriving wellness program with extremely high participation, great health outcomes, and significant cost avoidance. Carol Partington, Corporate Senior Manager of Total Benefits at Elkay, tells the story.

How Elkay Does It

Elkay is well known for being a pioneer in providing biometric screenings services to its employees. In fact, we’ve been offering wellness services to our employees since way before it was fashionable for companies to have wellness programs. We partnered with Interactive Health back in 2013 because we wanted to take our program to the next level. We knew they had the expertise to not only develop a program that fit our company’s values, but they also had the data to make suggestions on how we can tailor our program to fit the needs of our employees, which ultimately helps with engagement.

Since partnering with Interactive Health, our program has been thriving. I think there are a few factors that have made it so successful:

  1. We make it convenient. We offer screenings at 15 onsite locations, so we try to make it easy and convenient for our employees.
  2. We have top-down support. Our leadership and wellness coordinators are true advocates for our program. Their passion inspires the rest of our employees to not only participate in our program but to really start adopting healthier lifestyle behaviors.
  3. We offer incentives. When we partnered with Interactive Health we moved to an outcomes-based incentive strategy. Of course, we want our employees to be internally motived to become healthy, but we get it…sometimes employees get stuck in unhealthy habits and they need a little help and motivation. So, we offer a partial incentive to participate in our program, and another incentive for meeting their health goal.

All these factors have led to an incredibly successful year-over-year program participation rate, which consistently hovers at 75%.

Our employees really take the program seriously, too. By having access to Interactive Health’s personal health coaches, workshops, webinars, and all the tools and resources on their member website, nearly 86% of our employees reduced their blood pressure and 70% improved their triglycerides last year. We also saw 48% of people move from either high or moderate risk into the low risk category. Plus, Interactive Health estimated cost avoidance to be more than $600,000.

We truly see the value of having a culture of wellness and we’re happy to have Interactive Health be our partner. They continually analyze our data and our program and provide strategies to enhance the program’s performance each year.


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