“Within seconds of saying hello, it is an intimate experience” says Barbara Predki – Member Services Team Lead with Interactive Health. Wowing the member has been Barbara’s top priority for over 9 years. She will be the first to say much of her success in creating a great member experience can be taught, but other factors such as compassion and empathy are personality driven. Barbara uses her background and passion to hire and mentor team members to work together to create a great experience for our clients and their members.

Barbara shares her experiences to create meaningful teaching moments

As a member services team lead, I have the privilege of working with members daily to answer their unique wellbeing questions while using this experience to mentor my colleagues. I feel it is my personal responsibility to pay it forward because I have literally walked in their shoes. At Interactive Health, I am proud to be a part of an organization that embeds a mentoring program within its employee training, recognizing that it will have a positive impact on our new hires, colleagues and ultimately our clients and their members.

When a member calls, our team must quickly assess the request, leverage information from multiple sources, integrate multiple departments if necessary and strive for resolution in just one call.  Because I have been on the front line for many years; I can use personal stories to teach new hires how to navigate the system while providing a seamless experience for the member. Storytelling is one of the most powerful means to influence, teach and inspire, building familiarity and trust, making it more open to learning.  Here is a great example based on my own experience:

A couple called in and the minute I heard the gentlemen speak, I sensed a somber and troubled tone. Both members needed to participate in a company sponsored health screening to check in on their health and receive the meaningful incentive awarded for participation. The couple was unable to participate in the onsite event because of the sudden death of their son.  In addition, the deadline set by the client to submit a reasonable alternative standard (RAS) had passed.

Quickly, I made every effort to obtain an extension for the couple to participate by gathering the member’s support team together. We involved the client’s account manager, the client and our health management team. Within 30 minutes, the client awarded an extension and the health management team administered a new waiver to the couple. When I talked to the couple to give them the good news; they were in tears and very thankful for our caring approach and resolution of the issue.

When I put my head on the pillow at night, I am very satisfied because I know I am helping our members and the colleagues I work with every day. Click here to learn more about how Interactive Health employees are helping clients and their members reach their wellbeing goals.

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