Annual Health Evaluations

Whether we come to your worksite or provide other convenient screening options, we’ll work with you to address your company’s unique needs. With a staff that spans the country, we’ll provide a high-touch experience that gives your employees an insightful view of their health and prepares them to begin their wellness journey.

Did you know?

42% of our members learned about a previously undiscovered condition because of their health screening.

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Connecting Care

When a health screening catches an urgent problem, which happens more often than we’d wish, we place an immediate and caring call to that person and help them get the care they need. Working with our clients, we also bring together important support networks — physicians, our health coaches, and organization and community resources — empowering employee members to take control of their own health.

Did you know?

145,502 records were sent to physicians on behalf of employees in 2017.

Pre-diabetes Testing

Between 30 percent and 39 percent of Americans live with prediabetes, and an estimated 90 percent are not aware of their risk. Clients who add A1c testing to their annual evaluations through pre-diabetes testing see a three to five times increase in the identification of prediabetes risk versus other testing. And for every dollar spent, clients see a $2 to $9 savings when prediabetics move to a healthy state.

Did you know?

$1,095 per individual can be saved by stopping prediabetes from progressing to diabetes.

Emotional Health

There is a strong connection between several chronic conditions and higher emotional health risk. Many of these individuals facing emotional health risks are also less likely to engage in the care they need. By proactively identifying and addressing emotional health needs, you can make a significant impact on your employees’ total well-being and your bottom line.

Did you know?

8 in 10 workers say shame and stigma prevent them from seeking treatment for a mental health condition.

Onsite, With Your Team

Our onsite wellness experts live and breathe your needs. They’re embedded in your culture and become a trusted member of your team, helping human resources develop wellness strategies and goals. Then, they organize year-round programming to meet those goals.

A non-profit health-care system in New York saw a dramatic increase in participation once onsite wellness was implemented: a 107% increase in awareness activities.

Did you know?

A New York health-care system saw a 590% increase in walking path events once onsite wellness was implemented.

We can help you create a culture of good health

Results-driven wellness programs can drive positive change.

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