Digital Platform offers round-the-clock fun and engaging content that drives healthy habits and encourages participants to take action every day. We focus on overall well-being, providing interactive tools and resources that cover topics like sleep, eating well and staying active. Participants can learn about their health, receive preventive health recommendations, chart their course and track their progress.

Did you know?

76% of those with activity on met health goals, 15% more than those with no site activity.


We offer health coaching in person and by phone to help participants achieve their health goals. Whether they receive a call because of a critical or trending risk, or call in to sign up for one of our many classes, our health coaches work with participants one-on-one to develop a personalized health plan. We reach a remarkable 75 percent of people who have a critical risk within 24-48 hours.

Client Testimonial

“My husband noticed his cholesterol was on the high-range. He started to utilize the health coach to understand what else he could do to get it down to the ideal range. She asked him about what he ate, down to how we cooked our bacon.”

—Shanetti J., an Interactive Health Participant


Engaging Employee Communications

We will help you think creatively about motivating employees to join the program and adopt healthy new habits. Our well-designed, multi-channel communications are created to fit your culture and speak to your unique workforce. Through personalized communications, we’ll support your communication goals and drive a healthy change in your employees year-round.

Client Testimonial

“We have over 40,000 co-workers across 7 different states. And Interactive Health really stepped in and provided some avenues for outreach to coworkers we weren’t able to offer before.”

— Matt Meyers, Mercy Health


Challenges, Workshops and Events

We bring wellness to the workplace with fun wellness challenges, workshops and events offered both online and onsite. Choose from an extensive menu of activities covering topics like stress, nutrition, exercise and sleep, and we’ll help you to incorporate them into an overall incentive strategy that encourages everyone to join in the fun!

Did you know?

We run challenges for our own employees, the most popular of which are employee-initiated “flash challenges.” Past examples have included hula-hoop challenges, bouncing-ball races and putt-putt competitions.

Onsite, With Your Team

Our onsite wellness experts live and breathe your needs. They’re embedded in your culture and become a trusted member of your team, helping human resources develop wellness strategies and goals. Then, they organize year-round programming to meet those goals.

A non-profit health-care system in New York saw a dramatic increase in participation once onsite wellness was implemented: a 107% increase in awareness activities.

Did you know?

A New York health-care system saw a 590% increase in walking path events once onsite wellness was implemented.

Work with us to design a fun wellness program that enhances your company culture

We’ll bring your team together while building healthy habits.

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