HBM Holdings is a St. Louis-based, privately held parent company that invests in and supports the growth of a diverse portfolio of middle-market manufacturing companies. Read how the small but mighty HBM team is making a positive impact on employee wellbeing and in the communities where they work, live and play.

HBM Holdings invests in their employees and the community
A company is only as good as its people, that’s why HBM Holdings hires and cultivates only the best. But in today’s competitive environment, it is getting harder to attract, engage and retain top talent. HBM Holdings addresses this issue in many ways, one of which is by offering their employees a comprehensive wellness program that includes a focus on giving back to the community.

In 2017, HBM Holdings partnered with Interactive Health to enhance their wellness offerings so that every employee had the support they needed to lead a healthier life. In addition to annual health evaluations, Interactive Heath offered a variety of challenges, online resources and an efficient way to track participation in local activities.

Today, engagement in the HBM Holdings enhanced wellness program is rewarded through a preferred employee health insurance rate for sharing health results with one’s physician and reaching an individual health goal. Additional dollars are deposited into a health savings account for participating in local activities, preventive exams, monthly challenges and more.

HBM Holdings is not the only company to benefit from the enhanced wellness offerings; two of their portfolio companies are taking the core wellness program components and making it their own. Each company has a unique culture and geography and the wellness program infrastructure allows each organization to customize offerings and incentives to meet their specific needs. This doesn’t mean the companies don’t share ideas; it is just the opposite. Shelly Cattoor, senior manager, Total Rewards at HBM Holdings says the goal is to leverage each-others experience to enhance the wellness offerings at all locations.

A common denominator among the portfolio companies is their passion for giving back. They are fortunate to be a part of many different communities and believe that giving back is not just an option, but one of their core values. The wellness program serves as an avenue to promote volunteerism and rewards individuals for participating in activities to support the Ronald McDonald House, Nurses for Newborns and more. When the companies come together for events like Pedal the Cause for cancer research or the St. Louis Sports Commission’s BizDash 5k, it is a great opportunity to bond and build morale across the portfolio.

The wellness program is playing a huge role in giving back to local communities and keeping employees happy, productive and loyal.

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