Looking for ways to increase employee engagement in their workplace wellness program, Dana used data to help stir interest and excitement in their program, and flag a problem: A high risk for prediabetes. The result: Employees that schedule their annual physical around health evaluations. Lisa Ambrosetti, a senior benefits analyst at Dana, tells the story.

How Dana, Inc. Does It

When I first joined Dana, one of the jobs I was tasked with was how can we grow our wellness program and get employees more engaged. So what I did was to start sharing data with employees and showing them the impact the program was making on our employee health and wellness as well as our spouses.

By sharing those results along with personal testimonials of how the program works, our engagement increased. I believe it’s because we, as a company, really support this program, and also because our approach is different. Sharing results has become part of the company culture, and people expect it from year-to-year.

Our employees really like having access to their results. Getting a packet where they can see their health trends from year-to-year is a value-add. From a physician standpoint, employees can go back and say, “Hey, these are my results from three years ago. What do you think is going on now?” It’s really increasing engagement and empowering employees to know what’s going on with their health.

We’ve also seen a huge increase in employees who are engaged with their physician as a result of the program. Many of them actually change their annual physicals to fall around the time of their health evaluations so they can share the results.

Interactive Health sits down with us, does an annual review of our data, and makes suggestions for improvements and resources we can bring to our employees. By looking at this data, we discovered that a high segment of our population has been identified with prediabetes. Because of that, Interactive Health worked with us to start offering A1C testing for all our employees, so we can catch health concerns early and get them under control before it becomes a more serious issue.

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