The Park District Risk Management Agency (PDRMA) offers self-insured Property/Casualty and health benefits to 160+ park districts, special recreation associations and forest conservation districts across Illinois. PDRMA’s PATH wellness program administered by wellness consultants, Lauren Blackburn and Leslie Reid is a highly valued benefit for members and sets the tone for this agency. Read how Interactive Health and PDRMA use a behavioral science methodology to help employees get healthy and stay that way.

Similar approach and high expectations guide our partnership

Lauren and Leslie are passionate about doing things the right way. With degrees in exercise science, health and physiology, they leverage their experience in behavior change theory to create engaging wellness program resources for their agency’s employees. In the past, PDRMA partnered with wellness vendors to help achieve their goals but struggled to find one with similar philosophies. That all changed in 2018 when PDRMA partnered with Interactive Health. Together they create innovative ways to reduce costs and improve health.

PATH – Positive Activities Toward Health ensures every participant has a personalized plan for achieving and maintaining their wellbeing. Interactive Health provides engaging resources personalized to the individual housed on a custom branded member portal. This portal can be accessed by 90+ health agencies and serves as an extension of the PDRMA hub for benefits information.

Employees have multiple ways to learn more about their health status. In addition to onsite health screenings, an employee can be screened at their physician’s office or LabCorp facility. New in 2020, participants can get screened at a CVS MinuteClinic and all participants regardless of screening method will have access to a health coach to review results.

Creating healthy habits help employees feel better and live longer. PDRMA leverages the competitive spirit of parks and rec employees to create unique opportunities for them to practice healthy habits year-round.  Points are assigned to challenges, workshops, healthy habits, health coaching and more.  Linking points earned to a meaningful incentive resulted in 71% participation, 1.3M steps logged, 949 preventive exams submitted, and 2,114 workshops completed in 2018.

Offering health coaching based on behavioral science is a primary focus and last year, 51% of eligible employees engaged with a health coach. Park District employee Melissa Martinez can’t say enough about the program. “Telephone health conversations were life changing for me…having access to a health coach has helped me form new healthy habits, a healthier life and is one thing I intend to do for the rest of my life.”

As an intergovernmental risk pool, PDRMA’s goal for the wellness program is cost containment. PDRMA and Interactive Health hold each other to high standards and will continue to achieve this goal by creating equal opportunities to facilitate sustainable behavior change for all member employees.

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