Companies often make the mistake of trying to develop products without a structured team or “general contractor” to oversee this strategic process. Interactive Health understands the importance of investing in an experienced visionary to orchestrate the design, development and go-to-market strategy of its wellness services. Read how the director of product management Kate Smith and her team are addressing business and market needs by building a strong foundation for current and future product innovation.

Kate and her team set the stage for future growth
In a product management role, one needs to be a visionary as well as “hands-on,” moving seamlessly between those extremes, sometimes at a moment’s notice. At Interactive Health, I leverage my background in cognitive neuroscience and experience in various product incubators to manage the creation and delivery of quality user experiences for our members. Upon hire, my goal was to take what I know, move it to scale and show a measurable impact. My marching orders were clear; mentor and grow our product team, acclimate the organization to a more centralized product-driven development process, evaluate existing wellness services and release new products.

Product management is a process that focuses on bringing a new product to market or developing an existing one. At Interactive Health we are doing both. Our team evaluates existing services and prioritizes further development based on client feedback and market needs. For example, our NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) accredited health assessment questionnaire is a core component of our health risk identification process. This powerful tool is being refactored to allow us the future ability to asses risk any time throughout the year, through a variety of channels, with the flexibility to add custom questions tailored to client needs. Furthermore, these enhancements set the foundation for other downstream product initiatives such as additional personalization and condition management.

We are also focusing on new product development based on science and industry trends. For example, we are taking an Interactive Health core strength and evolving it by integrating an individual’s health data and demographic information with artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way we provide biometric screenings to our members. Just a sneak peek into the new insights and services we will be providing our clients to help them improve the health of their employees and stay ahead of healthcare costs.

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