Monique had an aha moment after her employer-sponsored health screening. Leveraging the resources available through the Interactive Health wellness program, she formed a plan of attack to lower her risk for diabetes. Monique is happy with her progress toward living a healthier life and her physician is shocked.

How Monique used health coaching to lower her risk for diabetes
I met with Sarah, the onsite nurse at my worksite to discuss diabetes and medications. This was a great help and I received a lot of great information to help me stay on track. I knew bad things could come out of diabetes and this information confirmed that.

Next, I set up appointments with Shannon, my health coach dietitian who had already been calling me quarterly to review my nutrition and diet questions. In mid-April, I went back to the doctor to check my progress. He said that he has never seen an improvement in ANYONE like this. My A1c went from 7.1% down to 5.8% and I lost 25 lbs.

I have been exercising consistently and have been eating much better. I used to eat whatever I wanted without a thought! I’m not starving myself because I’m now aware of carbohydrates and mindful of my choices. I also stay on track by checking my blood sugar daily. It started out between 147-161 mg/dl and is now around 110-120 mg/dl.

I am extremely happy with the changes I’ve made. My next appointment with my doctor is in July. If my A1c continues to improve, we’ll discuss discontinuing the medication.

I am so appreciative of this program. The information and support have been very helpful.

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