Western Specialty Contractors (Western) is a nationally-recognized Top 20 Masonry and Concrete restoration firm with 30 offices nationwide. For years, this company provided home grown wellness offerings resulting in little follow up or meaningful results. In 2015, Western partnered with Interactive Health to take the wellness program to the next level and this strategic move resulted in a four-fold increase in participation and more.

Western Specialty Contractor Wellness Program Strategy
When Western first met with Interactive Health they had a clear vision of what they wanted in a new and improved wellness program for their employees. They wanted an experienced wellness partner to achieve their program goals, drive future strategies, provide web tools to be accessed by employees in all locations and provide year-long targeted programming to increase participation and engagement.

The new wellness program was launched to employees in 2015 and in just 3 years, Western saw a participation rate of 83% in 2018, more than quadrupling the low participation rate of 20% seen just 3 years earlier. Increased efforts in a few areas were key in driving this success:

  1. A new strategic program design with a meaningful premium differential as the financial incentive to participate in the program
  2. A proactive communication plan to promote the healthy activity point system and available resources regularly via email and through branch administrators
  3. Wellness as a way of life motto embedded into the corporate culture and supported from the top down
  4. Launch of year-round web-based resources that all participants regardless of location could engage

Participation is not the only metric that improved over the three year period. In 2018, 100% of participants actively engaged in the member website and 62% had Interactive Health fax health screening results to their physician. Moreover, 53% of participants at moderate health risk moved to a healthy state, 48% at high health risk moved to a moderate or healthy state and an impressive 86% who were already healthy, stayed that way.

So, what does this mean in terms of dollars saved? In 2018, the wellness program delivered a strong value, returning over $3.09 in costs avoided for every dollar spent on wellness programming. This was driven by the impact of member improvements and risk migration, particularly in diabetes management and migration from pre-diabetes to a healthier state as well as strong employee participation.  Additionally, insurance premium renewal was negative in 2015 – and flat in 2017. Western attributes this in part to the wellness program.

Both executive and employees are seeing the value of the wellness program and Ken Black, Senior Director, Enterprise Risk Management with Western Specialty Contractors says it best:

“Our employee workforce includes millennials all the way to baby boomers. So, from the start Western asked Interactive Health how to best meet the needs of all our employee groups. We needed help on how to “up our wellness game”. Interactive Health met the challenge and we are very pleased that every year since we started in 2015 we have improved our overall wellness score and kept employees engaged in wellness.”

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