Harrison Street is a leading investment management firm headquartered in Chicago. Most of this firm is made up of young, healthy employees who are passionate about their work and their health. Read how Harrison Street partnered with Interactive Health to mix up their wellness program to better meet the needs and culture of this unique population.

Reworking a wellness program to engage a young workforce

Harrison Street implemented a corporate wellness program in 2014 and the primary goal was to identify health risks and raise awareness through annual health screenings. The result from these initial screening events: A healthy population with very few health risks or chronic conditions. Harrison Street and Interactive Health evolved the program to include participation in a few challenges, workshops and local activities but the driver to receive a cash incentive was still focused on participation in the health screenings.

Instead of increasing engagement over time, it dropped. The program felt stale and the young workforce needed and expected a tailored year-round program that was fun, innovative and engaging. Harrison Street leadership understood the need to provide a valuable health benefit for its employees and a culture of wellness that met their specific needs.committed to reworking the program and in 2019, David Krueger, account manager at Interactive Health met with the benefits team to discuss how the program could evolve. Here’s what we did.

Instead of participation in the health screening being the primary driver to receive the annual incentive, it is now weighted similarly to all the other wellness related activities. More wholistic activities focusing on the individual’s health, the community and fun healthy activities were added to encourage year-round engagement.

For example, individuals receive more points toward their incentive by giving back to their community than by participating in the health screenings. Harrison Street already sponsors some local charities and runs such as My Block, My Hood, My City Annual Day of Service and JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in Chicago. Employees are encouraged to give back to the community, so it made sense to reward them for participating in these activities and tie it back to the wellness program. The new program places an emphasis on preventive care to keep the healthy, healthy as well as fun activities to satisfy the group’s competitive nature.

The investment made to rework the program is already paying off. Within just six months, engagement has improved across the board. More members are sharing results with their physician, completing preventive exams and participating in challenges and charitable events. Despite being healthy and having other alternatives to reach the incentive goal, participation in the health screenings continues to remain high. Employees are still finding value in learning about their health status, but now they are also engaging in other activities that keep them more motivated to stay healthy.

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