Matt Meyers
Senior Benefits and Wellness Consultant
Mercy Health
St. Louis


Seeking better employee use of its wellness program, Mercy Health adopted a new system of communicating and engaging with employees. Mercy was able to reduce communication costs by $18,000 while boosting health evaluation participation by 6.5 percent. Matt Myers, a senior benefits and wellness consultant at Mercy Health, explains how they did it.

How They Solved the Problem

Being a health system, it would seem like a natural fit to be able to identify our own health issues and to screen our own coworkers. But that’s not always easy when you’re looking at an organization that has such a large footprint.

Our health system is about 40,000 coworkers across seven different states, so finding a way to get all our wellness program under one umbrella is one of our biggest challenges. We knew we needed to get everyone on the same page and figure out a way to operationalize this program.

We are very data-driven, so we started by looking at the communications that we were sending. We sent digital communications, in-home mailings, etc., without ever having any idea if they were impactful or not.

So we spent a little time and a little money to get a dynamic messaging tool, which is software that distributes automated, personalized text and email messages. Now we’re able to drive a lot of the communications that we’re sending based off how and when people are digesting the information and what information is important to them.

For example, when we did our health evaluations last year, we sent an in-home letter, a flyer, and a postcard. This year we saved about $20,000 by not mailing those communications and focused on our automated text and e-mail messaging instead. What was even better, our participation increased.

We have done a ton of work locally and Mercy-wide to make sure that what we’re doing is not only what our coworkers need, but what’s going to motivate them as well.

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