Going into his health evaluation, Vince considered himself a healthy person – he kept up with his regular doctors visits and made a point to be active. While his evaluation didn’t raise any red flags, he decided to send his results to his doctor. At his next appointment, they had a conversation about his results and his doctor was able to give him personalized recommendations to help him maintain his healthy status. Now, Vince feels extra confident in his health knowing that his test results helped inform his lifestyle and keep him on track to live his best life possible.

How Vince Made His Health Evaluation Results Work for Him

I was skeptical when I went in for my first health evaluation. I make a point to keep up with my regular doctor’s visits, so I wasn’t sure if the test would catch anything. Only three months before my health evaluation I had been to the doctor’s office for my regular checkup and left with a bill of good health, so I was feeling pretty confident.

Even so, I figured completing my health evaluation was a good way to check in on myself and making sure I was staying as healthy as I felt. The process was straightforward enough – registration was easy and the blood test took no time at all. When I got my results back, I was pleasantly surprised by how I could have my results delivered right to my doctor.

At our next checkup, my doctor and I discussed my results. While my first test didn’t raise any immediate red flags, my doctor was able to look at my results and give me personalized recommendations to maintain my healthy status! I feel secure knowing that if anything regarding my health changes, I have multiple resources that will allow me to catch it early.

Participating in the health evaluation is a worthwhile effort because at a minimum you get to see where your health is at even if you feel good. I think keeping up with your health evaluations is like checking the oil on your car. Life is good, but continuing to live a healthy lifestyle requires effort!

— as told to Interactive Health via online form

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