When Jonathan got his health test results back, his suspicions were confirmed. His cholesterol levels were far out of healthy range and demanded immediate attention. Because he was already an active person, Jonathan focused his efforts on changing his dietary habits. By eating more vegetables and reducing processed food intake, Jonathan now maintains a cholesterol 50 points below where he started.

How Jonathan lowered his cholesterol and elevated his diet

Even at a young age, I remember my cholesterol being pretty high. I never took action to lower it, mostly because I didn’t fully understand what my numbers meant and the risk they posed.

I had my first health evaluation through my employer-offered wellness program and my eyes were opened. My cholesterol was still high and was considered out of healthy range. I was provided with knowledge and resources I could use to tackle this number.

I wanted to be sure not to follow my family’s health history. I knew my grandfather had high cholesterol to the point he needed surgery. My dad has high cholesterol so he maintains a healthy diet and exercises regularly to keep his levels in check.

While I am already pretty active, I evaluated my diet and saw some areas that I could improve. I reduced red meat consumption drastically and also tried to eat mostly healthy carbs and not as much processed food and refined sugars. I also added in more leafy greens and other vegetables to my meals, even breakfast.

I’m so proud to say that one year later I was retested and have lowered my total cholesterol by over 50 points and am well in range now. I’m very grateful for this program and will continue to use it to make sure I am on track for health longevity.

— as told to Interactive Health via online form

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