When Georgia’s e-cigarette broke down, she saw it as an opportunity to stop smoking altogether. She enrolled in Interactive Health’s Tobacco Cessation Program to help get her started, with the hope that it would improve her stamina enough to participate in activities she had previously wanted to try, like kayaking. Now, she’s successfully quit smoking, feeling liberated from her past behaviors, and actively trying new things that make her happy.

How Georgia stopped smoking and started living

When the battery in my e-cigarette failed, I spontaneously made the decision not to replace it and stop smoking altogether. I made the decision because, really, “why not now?” I had come to the point in my life where it was time for a big change. I was recently divorced, I didn’t have anyone living with me to keep telling me that I should quit smoking, and I felt newly independent and ready to take charge of my health.

When I heard about my company’s health evaluation, I was eager to try it out. Participating in my health evaluation and Health Focus Tobacco Cessation was the first choice I made to attain my wellness vision. My ultimate goal was to be free from the compulsion to smoke and free from the disruption it caused in my daily activities. I live by a lake and always dreamed of being able to kayak and have more physical endurance for all the other activities I wanted to enjoy.

After completing the course, I’m doing what I want to do with my life without having my old bad habit interrupt me or slow me down. It is so liberating not having to think about my behavior all the time. I have never been so proud of myself as I am for successfully quitting smoking.

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