Hannah was surprised when she was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at age 33. She had recently been experiencing some suspicious symptoms but didn’t have any history of diabetes in her family. What initially was a shocking diagnosis quickly turned into something she was able to manage thanks to tools provided by Interactive Health. Now, she uses the platform’s health and diet tracking tools to stay on top of her diagnosis.

How Hannah Stays In Control of Her Diabetes

Last year, I started feeling some scary symptoms about a week before my Interactive Health appointment. I was super thirsty all the time and was peeing much more frequently than usual. At the time I didn’t have a primary care physician, and I also did not have any other options to get any testing done, so I figured the timing of my Interactive Health appointment was great.

After I was tested, I found out I had developed Type 1 Diabetes at 33 years old. I couldn’t have been more surprised. Getting tested saved me a trip to the hospital as well as a whole lot of other problems down the road. I don’t know how I would’ve found out about my condition otherwise, I would never have guessed I’d ever get diabetes given my age and lack of family history with the disease. Fortunately, Interactive Health had some great resources for helping me improve my health despite my diagnosis. They had resources that helped me understand my disease and tools that helped me track my food intake.

Interactive Health was a huge part of keeping me healthy, and thanks to them I now have my Type I Diabetes under control.

— as told to Interactive Health via online form


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