Bryan, an Interactive Health member based in Oklahoma, dealt with sleep problems after his mother died unexpectedly. Searching for support, he contacted an Interactive Health coach who taught him tactics to combat his grief and his sleep problems. Now, Bryan can sleep through the night on a consistent basis and encourages others to seek coaching help with their stresses in life.

How Interactive Health Helped Solve Bryan’s Problem

My situation is common – I lost the most important figure in my life, my mother. After she passed away unexpectedly, I struggled to sleep on a consistent basis. I reached out to Interactive Health for help with my stress management and sleep problems, and was lucky to be set up with my health coach Susan.

Susan listened to my issues and provided me with helpful resources that guided me through my struggle. She did a magnificent job as a health coach and I feel so much better about handling the stressors in my life and in the time of my grief. Before I reached out for help, I was rarely getting a full night’s sleep. After Susan’s coaching, I am now able to sleep through the night multiple nights in a row.

Susan instilled in me the belief that I could get through this tough time in my life and throughout the entire process I felt her guiding me from afar. Thanks to her valuable advice and thoughtful guidance, I now feel prepared to handle the stressors in my life, especially those tied to my grief.

I am so glad I sought assistance from Interactive Health. Everyone can relate to grief and hopefully they find the same positive guidance I did. Even after my last session with Susan, I still think about the lessons she taught me and use them to continue creating positive change in my life.

— as told to Kelly Ziemkiewicz of Interactive Health via e-mail

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