Alex had tried quitting smoking multiple times with little luck. When presented the opportunity, he decided to participate in Interactive Health’s smoking cessation program. Despite his initial doubts, Alex saw definite results thanks to the guidance of his health coach. Even when he temporarily indulged in the habit, he always got back on track and is now happily tobacco-free.

How Alex started his new smoke-free life

I have tried several times to quit smoking but I have never been successful. I live with a smoker which makes it especially hard to kick the habit, and I always ended up smoking again no matter how hard I tried. My company offered a smoking cessation program through Interactive Health, and I decided to try it even though I was a little nervous.

Starting the smoking cessation program, I was not confident that I was going to have much luck after my past attempts. I was set up with a health coach who helped me set goals, figure out what my triggers were, and hold me accountable each week.

One day I gave into temptation and smoked a lot. I was so upset after all the hard work I had put in, and I cried on the phone to my health coach. She didn’t give me a hard time about my hiccup and acknowledged that some times these things happen.

During our chats, my coach always approached me with understanding and encouragement. With her help, I was eventually able to kick my smoking habit that has controlled me for so much of my life. I am so proud of myself and thankful for the help I have received!

— as told to Interactive Health via online form

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