When it came time for his first health evaluation, Ethan didn’t want to go through with it. Three years earlier he had been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes but hadn’t done much since to help his condition. Ethan was nervous about being judged for not being proactive about his health, but decided to go through with testing after talking over his worries with a program coordinator. In the end, his health evaluation turned out to be a huge wake-up call. From there, Ethan built a strong relationship with his health coach and feels more in control of his health and happiness than ever before.

How Ethan’s health evaluation got him back on track

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. At the time it was a huge surprise to me because I didn’t have any family members with diabetes. I was in denial for quite some time and felt too overwhelmed to take care of myself. I avoided my doctor’s recommendations because I felt ashamed and didn’t think I could handle my condition.

On the day of my worksite health screening, I was reluctant to go through with it because I was afraid that I would get lectured for neglecting my health. I talked with the program coordinator about my concerns, and she assured me that I wouldn’t get a lecture and that this screening would be a great opportunity to see where I was at. I was nervous but trusted what she said.

In the end, I am so glad that took her advice! My health screening showed that I had very high glucose – higher than I would’ve expected. It was definitely a wake-up call. I was set up with a health coach who gave me great tips on how to improve my health and listened to all my concerns and fears. In the end, she was able to guide me back to my doctor so I could get the help I needed. Since then I’ve started taking medication and eating better. Recently, I attended a follow-up on-site screening at my workplace and I am so happy to report that my numbers are steadily improving.


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