Originally published on June 24, 2019.

When Interactive Health Member Shannon completed her first health evaluation, she chose to ignore her high triglyceride levels. At her next evaluation, when a re-test showed that her health score had doubled, she realized she couldn’t delay action any longer. Sharon did some research into her risk factors and came up with a plan to get healthy. Now, her diet is transformed and she looks forward to developing more healthy habits.

How Shannon Turned Her Triglycerides Around

After my first health evaluation, my health score was generally good. The only problem area was my triglycerides – they were rather high. My biggest mistake was not taking the time to learn what that really meant, and instead I went on with my life as I always had, without making any changes

The second year I participated in health evaluations, my health score nearly doubled. Again, it was the triglycerides that caused this change, and this time it caught my attention. I began researching what it meant to have high triglycerides, how I could change my triglyceride levels for the better, and the worst case scenario if I didn’t fix it. I read about heart attacks and strokes and for the first time in years, I became very motivated to improve my health.

I began working out nearly every day and eating healthier foods to help with my triglycerides. I don’t see it as “dieting,” I’m feel as if making a conscious effort to make smarter food choices. Having a health coach has helped me stay motivated. I’m eating fruits and vegetables much more than I ever have before, and I am conscious of the calories and nutritional data of the food that I eat. I feel more confident than ever going into my next health evaluation, I have a good feeling my numbers will be better than ever!

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