Bryan was experiencing a “rough” patch with his emotional health. He was stressed out all the time and didn’t know where to begin to get help. He was pleasantly surprised when he found out Interactive Health had key resources to help him with his stress management. By engaging with Interactive Health’s member portal and speaking with a health coach, Bryan got the essential resources he needed to get his emotional health back on track.

How Bryan Got His Stress Back Under His Control

Before becoming an Interactive Health member, my biggest struggle was my emotional health. I was going through a rough patch and felt like I was battling extreme stress all the time. Throughout my struggle, I didn’t know who to reach out to for help.

When I registered for my Interactive Health online account, I was surprised by how many resources they had available to me. I found articles on everything from healthy eating to elevated cholesterol. What was most useful to me, however, were their resources on stress management.

I read through everything I could and got on the phone with a health coach, who was able to recommend a number of techniques I could try to bring down my stress levels, like strategic breathing. She helped guide me through territory that was previously unfamiliar to me and I learned a lot about how stress works and the best ways to battle it. Now when I feel like life is getting to be too much, I immediately think of what I learned and I’m able to calm myself down.

I used to be too stressed to figure out where to get help, but because of Interactive Health I am back on track to a happier life. I learned that sometimes in order to feel better you need outside help. Now, I feel prepared to take on all the stressors life will throw my way.

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