Ron neglected his health for years because he thought keeping himself healthy meant spending money on things he couldn’t afford. After he connected with a Health Coach, Ron quickly learned that being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Since becoming an Interactive Health member, Ron has learned actionable ways he can better himself and has even shared what he’s learned with his family.

How Ron Took Action and Changed his Outlook on Health
For years, time and money kept me from getting healthy. I thought a gym membership would be too expensive and planning nutritious meals would be too time consuming. For a long time, I didn’t have any significant health problems and figured I was healthy enough to keep doing what I was doing.

When I got my Health Evaluation results back, I learned there was definitely room for improvement. My health coach asked me what was keeping me from making healthy changes and I told him that staying healthy took time and resources I didn’t have. What he told me next changed my life.

My health coach shared with me several ways I could improve my health – all of them free with a low time commitment. With his advice, I started by prioritizing my sleep and turning my phone off early. He also recommended simple changes I could make, like drinking more water and changing the way I shop for groceries. I also learned simple, affordable recipes that were healthy AND tasty.

I was so excited, I shared his suggestions with my wife, who started practicing healthy habits too. We’re both sleeping better and feel happier. Through my Interactive Health experience, I learned that getting healthier doesn’t have to be hard to do, or expensive.

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