Stuart was starting to feel that his stress was getting out of hand, so he enrolled in Interactive Health’s stress management program. Through the program, Stuart learned valuable ways to manage his own stress and become more efficient and happier at work and at home. Now, Stuart feels better prepared to manage his daily tasks and focus on his role. When he feels overwhelmed with his workload, he uses deep breathing exercises to refocus and reenergize.

How Stuart Lowered His Stress and Increased His Focus

Last year I was dealing with a lot of stress in and out of work, so I decided to enroll the stress management program through Interactive Health. I learned practical ways to manage my stress that I could implement in everyday life.

One of the most important things I learned was to set healthy boundaries with my co-workers, so I didn’t inadvertently end up doing their job AND mine. In practicing what I learned, I noticed that I didn’t feel so overwhelmed in trying to get my work done. As a result, my energy wasn’t depleted by the end of the day and my focus was much better than before.

I also learned the importance of doing one task at a time and how to slow my mind down when it started to race with all my ‘have to dos’ through breath work. By repeating these exercises whenever I got stressed, I got into the habit of worrying less and doing more productive things with my time.

After finishing the stress management program, I feel like I’m a better employee and a happier person because I’m able to handle whatever tasks come my way and be focused while doing them. While there are times when I still feel like my stress levels get a little too high, it’s easy for me to use my breathing techniques to calm down, refocus, and keep moving forward.

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