Before she became an Interactive Health Member, Vicki didn’t work too hard to be healthy. Her family wasn’t very health-focused so it was never a main priority for her. When Vicki was assigned a health coach, her outlook completely changed. Under the guidance of her coach, Vicki found a new accountability that motivated her to pick up healthy habits. Now, Vicki feels completely changed – she has lost weight, regularly practices healthy behaviors, and is motivated to inspire others to pursue a balanced lifestyle.

How Vicki Went from Indifferent to Inspired
I never considered myself to be someone who was too worried about her health. My family is the same way – we usually eat what we feel like, don’t exercise regularly, and maybe go to the doctor every couple of years. It wasn’t until I became an Interactive Health member that I realized the true value of taking care of yourself.

The most important thing that membership provided me was accountability. My coach was a registered dietitian and we had regularly scheduled calls during which she helped me set goals and listened to my progress. I’m busy at work during the day, but I was able to schedule the calls in the evenings after dinner when I could really focus and listen to her advice. She was never judgmental even during months when I fell short of my goals, and helped encourage me until I got back on track. Being accountable to someone made me want to invest in my health more.

Since I’ve enrolled, I feel like I’ve become a different kind of person. I stopped putting so much sugar in my coffee, I make better eating choices that helped lower my bad cholesterol without losing flavor in my meals, and I’ve even lost some weight. It’s amazing to see what I’ve been able to do with a little help. Being a part of this program has made me want to inspire others – if I can change my health with a few easy fixes, so can you.

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