Vivian had a sweet tooth, but it was starting to impact her health more than she’d like. After ignoring her doctor’s recommendation to cut back on sugar, she finally found a solution with Interactive Health. With the guidance of a health coach, Vivian was able to make incremental changes to her habits and stay motivated to lose weight.

How Vivian Found Her Healthy Balance

In life, I’ve found that everybody has their vices. Mine have always been food, especially sweet food. Over the last few years I’ve gained more weight than I liked, and my doctor warned me it was time to cut back before I faced any serious health issues. At one point, I was going in once every few months for checkups, but never saw any real change. I ignored my doctor’s advice and kept on living like I always had.

When I enrolled in the Interactive Health wellness program through my employer, I was skeptical that anything could get me out of my unhealthy habits because I was so comfortable with them. I never thought twice about a candy bar as a midday snack followed by an after-dinner bowl of ice cream. When I started having regular calls with my health coach, I found a new type of accountability I hadn’t felt with my doctor.

My coach provided me with invaluable guidance. Through his help, I’ve learned how easy it can be to make incremental changes to my habits and see the impact they can have on my health. Because of Interactive Health, I’ve been able to cut out refined sugar and change my life for the better. While my weight loss was slow at first, I felt as if I built momentum over time. The more I’ve learned, the more I’ve been motivated to keep going.

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