Amelia didn’t see a need to visit the doctor – she was young, healthy and content with her lifestyle – that is, until she started experiencing severe headaches and other symptoms of chronic stress. Encouraged by a coworker, she enrolled with Interactive Health and discovered new ways to care for herself. Read how Amelia got her health mindset back on track and conquered her stress below.

How Amelia stressed less with Interactive Health
For as long as I can remember I have avoided the doctor. There was always something for me not to like – the time, the expense, the needles. Going to the doctor and taking care of my health the way I should have just wasn’t a priority. I am young and had never have encountered any serious health issues, so at the time I wasn’t too worried.

About six months ago, I started having trouble managing my stress levels and was experiencing horrible migraines. One of my coworkers encouraged me to sign up for the Interactive Health wellness program, so I went along and was completely surprised by the positive impact it had, and as a result, I kicked off my wellness journey.

Despite being very nervous around needles, the woman administering my blood draw was incredibly friendly and made me feel comfortable. She also explained to me how I could get connected with a health coach, which I did immediately after my screening. My coach has been instrumental to getting my mental health back on track. She’s helped me with my stress management and the water tracker in the member portal has helped me stay hydrated and headache-free. I can even share my results with my doctor so I don’t need to worry about additional tests whenever I visit. Interactive Health has taught me to reprioritize my own health and I plan on keeping it that way going forward.

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