For years, Rob struggled with back pain but never sought help. When the opportunity to receive health coaching through Interactive Health arose, Rob was surprised with the level of personalization he received. With the help of his coach, Rob found new ways to manage his back pain and learned firsthand how simple changes can empower a person to take back control of their health.

How Rob Found his Happiness Again
For years I struggled with back pain. It never got bad enough where I felt the need to go to the doctor, so I just put up with it even though it slowed me down. I was never sure where the pain came from, I always figured it was because of my weight or bad posture. More recently, the pain got worse and I still didn’t do much about it. It got to the point where it was keeping me from enjoying life to the fullest.

When I enrolled in the Interactive Health wellness program through my employer, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and helpful it was to work with a certified health coach that focused on my needs. We talked once a week on the phone – often on video calls – and after a few sessions I really started to look forward to our weekly calls. I thought my coach would just advise me on my nutrition and exercise, but he also helped with my back pain by suggesting core strength exercises and tips to improve my posture. The nutrition and exercise advice he gave me was really helpful. He listened to me as I explained my daily routines and he suggested changes that worked for me. He helped me set goals and motivated me when I needed it. With his help, I’ve been able to take steps towards a happier pain-free life.

I think that anyone who knows their own health story is automatically empowered to change their life for the better. I’m so happy Interactive Health provided me with the resources I needed to manage my pain and get back to being my best self.

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