Looking for that bright spot and struggling to find it? In a time of anxiety and social distancing, you can find plenty of examples of people looking out for one another to help them get through a difficult time.

The pandemic is bringing the best out in people. Here are some creative ways our Interactive Health team is helping others:

100 Million Mask Challenge – Terri in Illinois
As part of the 100 Million Mask Challenge I have been sewing facemasks to donate to those on the frontlines. Healthcare workers are having trouble getting protective masks and many are reusing one mask for weeks at a time until it falls apart. The masks I make are not replacements for N95 or surgical masks, but they can be used to protect those masks and can be washed. These masks are also being used for procedures that don’t require a high level of protection. I’ve sewn about 120 masks so far and these are being donated to a local nursing home, nurses who work on a COVID 19 unit at a local hospital, VA hospital nurses, and a doctor in NY who can’t get masks.

Neighborhood “comes together” to celebrate a birthday – Louie in Minnesota
When my neighbor had to cancel her daughter Hannah’s birthday party, she got creative and reached out to me and her other neighbors for help. She invited us to celebrate with Hannah by posting signs in our windows for Hannah to enjoy on the family’s nightly walk. To Hannah’s surprise, she was greeted by Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” blasting from next door and decorations in the front lawn. Her confusion quickly turned to joy as her neighbors shared smiles, laughter and happy birthday cheer. Hannah exclaimed “this is actually the best birthday ever.” Click here to learn more about how to support kids during this time.

Supporting local business – Sandi in North Carolina
My husband and I owned a walking food tour business in a small NC town. We became good friends with the local restaurant owners and staff. When we found out that restaurants were closing or only doing carryout, many of our friends were out of work. We approached the owners to see what staff members might need and we provided some financial assistance to get them thorough this hard time. Here’s more about how you can help support your local businesses.

Paying for services not rendered – Amanda in Illinois
Recently, our family temporarily relocated to stay with my in-laws during the pandemic. Because of the local shelter-in-place guidelines, we knew that regardless of where we were, we would need to cancel our regular house cleaning appointments. My housekeeper counts on individual appointments to support her family, so I asked her not to come to my home, but I paid her anyway. I care about her wellbeing and want her to know I am thankful for her and the service she provides.

Accepting help to stay safe – Donna in Pennsylvania
People of any age who have underlying medical conditions seem to be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. My husband is immune-compromised and for us the concern is real. We practice social distancing, but it is a challenge because even going to the grocery store is risky. Our neighbors have helped by getting our grocery list and shopping for us. They even wipe down everything before they deliver it to our front porch. This has been very helpful and puts our mind more at ease.

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