Everyone wins when we place a priority on being kind to ourselves and others. The community and the environment benefit, but that’s not all. Being compassionate and giving back lifts us spiritually and can have a positive impact on emotional and physical health.

This time of year is all about giving thanks and giving back, but for some companies the season never stops. Read how our clients find ways through employee initiatives and volunteer programs to make serving their communities a year-round mission.

Clients show the power of kindness
Our clients look for new and unique ways to help their employees and spouses on their journey to better health. Placing an emphasis on giving back and integrating acts of kindness into the corporate wellness program is a way to do just this. Here are some examples:

A municipality in upstate New York made up of employees from police, highway, senior center, town hall etc. actively supports volunteer activities in the local community. This client’s wellness program encourages and rewards employees for their participation in food drives, charity walk/runs, art festivals, tree plantings, farmers markets, park clean-ups and more. In addition to this client, employees representing other organizations who rewarded participation in local activities logged almost 400 unique ways they have volunteered in 2019.

A health system in northwestern North Carolina is passionate about giving back to the community it serves and believes acts of kindness contribute to increased employee wellbeing. Not only does the wellness program reward employees for participating in various local volunteer activities; it has included a line item on the activity plan for a program called “A Simple Gesture.” The goal of  “A Simple Gesture” sponsored by the Hunger and Health Coalition is to end hunger in the high country of NC. Employees are rewarded for donating bags of groceries to be delivered to hungry families and children in the local community.

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and it is contagious. Interactive Health wishes you and yours a very happy holiday season. See you in 2020!

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