During the pandemic, Interactive Health employees are pitching in to support our members in unexpected ways. Everyone is tapping into their creative side and sometimes stepping outside their comfort zone to find different ways to connect.

Erica Tempestoso and Carly Savickas typically work onsite with our clients to deliver wellness programming. Stay-at-home orders have challenged them to channel their energies in different ways to connect with employees. Read how Erica and Carly use their passion and experience to create short health videos in the comfort of their own homes.

Erica’s passion for yoga helps members adjust to pandemic life
I work onsite at a large health system in western New York as a worksite wellness program coordinator. On March 17, that all changed with the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. By March 26, our state was under a state of emergency.

Many of the associates I serve are on the front lines coping with a surge of COVID-19 patients. Since I am unable to be onsite right now, I search for alternate ways to help them deal with stress. When my leader asked if I would be willing to produce a health video, I was happy to help in a new and different way.

Finding a topic for the video was easy. I hold several yoga certifications and have been teaching for many years. Yoga creates a strong mind-body connection and is one of the best ways to manage stress.

I chose to share chair yoga for the video because this modification of traditional yoga is easy to incorporate into the office setting or at home. Click here to try this yoga practice filmed in my living room while wearing fuzzy slippers. #keepingitreal

Carly reminds us all to slow down with guided meditation
For over 6 years, I’ve worked onsite for a large automobile manufacturer headquartered in Michigan. As a wellness program manager, I work with my team to create and administer well-being activities to white-collar and blue-collar employees in multiple locations.

One of my favorite activities to share is guided meditation. About 11 years ago, a mentor taught me yoga philosophy and the importance of mindfulness. I’ve always struggled with stress and anxiety, so this experience changed my perspective on every aspect of my life. It also jumpstarted a lifelong quest to help others who may also be struggling.

Guided meditation was an obvious choice when approached about creating a health video for our members. During a pandemic, everything is rapidly changing, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Through this short video, my hope is to help people slow down, be aware of thoughts and feelings and explore the benefits of guided meditation. Click here to join me in the serenity of my own back yard.

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