When Jennifer, an employee at J.W. Terrill in Missouri, learned from her health screening that her diabetes was out of control, she immediately set up an appointment with her doctor. Thanks to the coaching she received from Interactive Health and the new medication she was prescribed, Jennifer was able to jump start her health journey and adopt new healthy eating and exercise habits.

How We Improved the Life of a J.W. Terrill Employee

After my screening with Interactive Health, I learned that my health was in a bad spot. If I did not make some changes, my life would be shortened in many different ways.

With this news, I immediately called my doctor and set up an appointment. My doctor put me on metformin for my diabetes since I had an A1C of 12.5 and weighed 285 pounds. I took the information they gave me and the info from interactive Health, and decided it was time to make some changes.

I started walking on a treadmill every day, and could only do 10 minutes at first. I continued my exercise and diet until I could eventually do 30 minutes. Then, I did something I never could have imagined and tried a light jog for two minutes followed by three minutes of walking. At this point, I realized I was not just dieting but actually making long-lasting lifestyle changes.

I am happy to say that since June 8, 2017, when all of this started, I have dropped 75 pounds and dropped my A1C from 12.5 to 5.5. I feel better than I ever have. On top of that, I also have run three 5K races and have more planned with a goal of a half marathon set for early next year.

*name changed to protect identity
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