Mercy uses data to guide program strategies resulting in better health outcomes and cost savings

Mercy, named one of the top five large U.S. health systems by IBM Watson Health provides a comprehensive wellness program to over 54,000 coworkers and spouses across the country.  This data driven, results oriented wellbeing strategy not only improves health but is positively impacting financial performance.

Case Study

Rural hospital saved $4.76 for every $1.00 spent on wellness program

At 25 beds, Allen County Regional Hospital is small. But the critical access hospital in rural southeastern Kansas is making big strides in boosting employee health and avoiding health benefit-related costs

Case Study

Manufacturer Saves $1 Million a Year

At Elkay, an innovative manufacturer of sinks, faucets and water fountains, 89 percent of at-risk participants reduced their blood pressure and 68 percent reduced their triglycerides. That saved Elkay $1 million in one year.

Case Study

Benefits of Focusing on All Employees’ Health

A large health system creates a culture of health that has helped employees at all risk levels improve their health — while keeping medical costs stable.

Case Study

Futures Firm Successfully Invests in Preventive Health

R.J. O’Brien, one of the last “boutique” futures firms in the industry, partnered to achieve an average of 72 percent participation in their wellness program over three years. Participants successfully reduced their health risk—over half with moderate health risks moving to healthy state in one year.

Case Study

Employee Wellness Program Helps Hospital Reduce Insurance Costs by Millions

By encouraging employees to prioritize their health, Meadville Medical Center has been able to improve health and reduce its insurance costs by millions.

Case Study

Hospital System Sees 19% Reduction in Claims Costs

The Nicklaus Children’s Health System, one of the largest employers in South Florida, saw an unprecedented 19 percent reduction in per-employee per-year medical claim costs from 2014 to 2015.

Case Study

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