Gina kept getting sick – and was missing a lot of work because of it. She knew she wasn’t taking care of herself the best she could, but was hesitant to make changes because she was already overwhelmed with her work schedule and didn’t think she had time for much else. Enrolling in Interactive Health’s program gave Gina the opportunity she was looking for to get back on track. Here’s how she did it.

How Gina Found Her Healthy Focus

Last year, I was struggling with my health. I wasn’t having any serious problems, but I was getting sick every other week and missing a lot of work. I wasn’t taking care of myself physically or emotionally, which made my problems even worse. I didn’t do anything about it because I was afraid of being overwhelmed.

When I enlisted in Interactive Health’s program, it was like a light bulb turned on inside my head. There were so many different resources they provided that made me feel like I could get back on track, with easy steps that weren’t too much to take on with my already-busy schedule. I started educating myself about how I could transform my diet and move more.

My health coach helped take my planning to the next level. She had recommendations on new recipes for me to try as well as suggestions of fun ways I could fit activity into my already-busy schedule.

After a year, I feel more in control of my body and my health than ever. It’s been six months since I’ve missed a day of work and I rarely get sick anymore. Working with Interactive Health, I’ve gotten to the point where I feel healthier now than I was in my thirties!

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