Being an account manager isn’t for everyone. It can be hectic and stressful, but if you have a passion for helping others it is very rewarding. Allen Broughton, account manager with Interactive Health will be the first to tell you that passion is important but building trust and understanding client needs out-weigh any other attributes in establishing a lasting relationship.

A relationship based on trust can have far reaching effects

A healthy relationship is built on trust. Once established, my clients allow me to become their trusted advisor in their journey to improve the health of their employees. As a trusted advisor, we learn and grow together, and our efforts have far reaching results.

When a client asks for my advice and is receptive to recommendations, it is incredibly rewarding. In addition to establishing trust; taking the time to understand client needs and having strong problem-solving skills can make a huge difference in client loyalty and satisfaction.

Here’s an example. I work with a client who understands the importance of preventive care and wanted to incorporate participation in preventive screenings into their overall well-being strategy. We originally created a manual process for employees to verify participation in annual preventive screenings in order to receive an incentive. After time, it became apparent that the manual process was not meeting the needs of the client and was causing frustration for the employees.

As a trusted advisor, I went into problem solving mode to address their specific needs. In 2019, we implemented an automated process that integrated with our activity tracking platform allowing the employee to automatically download the required preventive screening form and upload it after completion. The activity tracking platform not only met the immediate need but is now being used to increase engagement in other healthy activities to improve overall health.

This client trusted that we would address their needs and as a result, we were able to improve the member experience and drive satisfaction with the client. This trust will allow us to continue to do great things together.

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