Would you lay the foundation for your new home yourself? Would you hire a novice to rebuild your vehicle’s engine? Most of us would hire an expert to ensure that we get the best results possible and a global manufacturing company did just that. Hear how Interactive Health wellness program manager Liz Urban was initially hired because of her health screening experience, but quickly leveraged her expertise in health promotion to serve as the face of the wellness program.

Liz shares her secrets to success
Less than a month after graduating with a degree in health promotion, I was hired by Interactive Health to conduct worksite health screenings. I often traveled to locations that had bilingual populations due to my ability to speak Spanish. When I accepted an assignment in a rural worksite location in Texas, I had no idea I would be working for this global manufacturing client on behalf of Interactive Health one year later.

Since 2012, this manufacturing client has put their trust in me to serve as the face of the wellness program for over 4,800 employees and spouses. Investing in a full-time onsite wellness program manager was a strategic and deliberate move. This organization is passionate about doing the right thing for their employees and wanted an expert with the health promotion skills and expertise to focus on driving the well-being initiatives for the organization.

This fall, I will be traveling for 7 weeks driving participation and overseeing the logistics of 36 scheduled health screenings incorporating all work shifts in 14 locations. As you might expect, a one-size-fits-all approach would not work for employees in our rural Kentucky and urban Illinois locations, so I use historical knowledge of past health screenings, relationships with employees and spouses, and the uniqueness of each location to continue to enhance the member experience. Understanding location specific shifts, culture and physical space also allows me to put efficiencies in place, ultimately saving money for my client.

Our joint commitment to improving the health of the organization is paying off. In 2018, 82 percent of benefit eligible employees and almost 70 percent of all employees and spouses participated in the health screenings. Health risks are also improving. Thirty-eight percent of all repeat participants have reduced or are no longer at risk for high blood pressure and 65 percent have improved their cholesterol, reducing their risk for heart attacks and stroke. These members are getting the help they need by participating in a comprehensive, year-long, multifaceted wellness program.

We continue to leverage ongoing knowledge and data to tweak communications and educate new employees on the importance of the wellness program. Additionally, we are beginning to incorporate social determinants of health data to continue to understand our workforce better in geographically dispersed populations.

As my first job out of college, I am blessed to be an employee of Interactive Health and a dedicated wellness program manager for this great client who treats me like family. Together we will continue to make great things happen.

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Originally published on June 24, 2019.

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