When Aubrey got her health evaluation results back, she wasn’t completely surprised to find out that she had elevated levels of liver enzymes. Aubrey had been an alcohol consumer for awhile, but learning about the risks associated with her condition made her realize it was time to quit once and for all.

How Aubrey Transitioned to Sobriety

I had been a drinker my whole adult life. I usually only drank alcohol socially, but more recently I had been drinking more due to stress. I’m in otherwise good health, so when I sat down for my health evaluation I didn’t expect anything significant to come up.

When my results were returned, I found out that I had elevated levels of liver enzymes. I knew it was due to my drinking. The member portal made it easy to share the lab results with my physician. The next time I saw my doctor I decided to tell the truth about my drinking. I realized it was time do something and quit drinking alcohol before my disease gets worse and causes more health problems, as well as negatively impact my family and career.

It was a hard process at first and I felt ashamed and embarrassed, but being open and honest with my husband, son, and extended family helped me gain the support I needed. And after suffering alone with my addiction it was very freeing to talk about what I was going through. And I realized I wasn’t alone. Nearly everyone I shared my story with knows a family member, friend or co-worker who’s also dealing with addiction or alcoholism. In addition to seeking professional help, I also had resources that I found on the member portal that talked about alcohol cessation that were helpful in staying on track.

Quitting drinking had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my life. I am happier, less-stressed, and my liver enzymes are back to normal. I’m so grateful for the help I received in identifying and tackling my problem before it led to more issues.

— as told to Interactive Health via online form

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