Military Sales & Service Co. is a manufacturer’s representative servicing the military exchange marketplace at military bases worldwide. Customer service is a top priority and Military Sales & Service Co. knows happy, healthy employees will ensure their customers are happy too. Read how this organization incorporates fun into their wellness program to raise awareness and improve employee health.

Military Sales & Service Co. creates a fun and healthy work environment

When workplaces make fun a priority, it creates happier employees that work harder, stay longer and take better care of themselves. For over 12 years, Cyndy Walters, Vice President, Human Resources at Military Sales & Service Co., the wellness committee, Meritain Health and Interactive Health have partnered to create a fun and healthy work environment resulting in a healthier workforce and happy customers.

As the first step in the journey to better health, Military Sales & Service Co. invests in annual health screenings provided by Interactive Health to provide employees a convenient way to check in on their health. As a fun way to increase engagement in the annual health screenings, the wellness committee created Vampire Day, conveniently scheduled on October 31. Halloween decorations donned the screening location and employees dressed up in costumes to get their blood drawn. This creative event jumpstarted engagement in the health screenings and participation has exceeded 75 percent year over year. Although their event timeframe changed over the past few years and employees no longer wear costumes, Vampire Day has remained a tradition.

The aggregate results report generated from the annual health screening focuses on areas for health improvement. The wellness committee uses this data to plan for future wellness program initiatives and creating a fun environment to learn is always a top priority. Quarterly challenges concentrating on sleep, nutrition, weight management and emotional health have been created to provide opportunities for employees to engage in areas of greatest need in a fun and collaborative environment.

For example, a baseball challenge was created to encourage employees to exercise to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Teams compete to see who can rack up the most aerobic miles and if there is a tie, the teams do jump rope and plank challenges. At the completion of the baseball challenge, everyone celebrates with a cookout and an afternoon of fun.

This focus on fun has worked out to be a successful strategy. Military Sales & Service Co. is a five-time Healthiest Companies in America award winner and in 2018, avoided an estimated $4.21 for $1 spent on the wellness program. Employees are benefiting too. Over 85 percent of repeat health screen participants met their personal health goal, 63 percent of those with moderate health risk moved to a healthy state and 92 percent who were already healthy, stayed that way.

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