Karen Curameng has been dedicated to the craft of drawing blood for almost 30 years. With a quality score of 99.79 percent, Karen is known for exceeding expectations in her role as a certified phlebotomist at Interactive Health. See how this dedication to her job motivated Karen to overcome extreme circumstances to fulfill a commitment to her client.

How Karen Helped our Members

It has been four years since riots following a police shooting broke out in Ferguson, Mo., but the memories of that night will be embedded in my mind for a lifetime. Two blocks away, I could see cars burning, feel tear gas on my skin and hear continuous gun fire. My neighborhood was being destroyed before my eyes.

I was scheduled to draw blood the following morning at an executive health screening at Silgan Plastics about 40 miles away. Under the circumstances, my Interactive Health supervisor called to say she didn’t expect me to go. However, if I felt safe the next morning, I was determined to fulfill my commitment to the client. I moved my car around to the backyard, so it wouldn’t catch fire, and listened to gunfire throughout the night.

The next morning, I safely arrived at the health screening and upon hearing where I lived; the client was amazed we didn’t postpone the event. I said, “Gunfire will not keep me from doing my job,” and the conducted the event successfully.

For me, this isn’t a job; it is a passion, and I love working at Interactive Health. I haven’t missed a day of work in seven years, and my inspiration is helping people detect health risks early. This program saves people’s lives, and I am honored to be a part of it.

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