A four-time winner of the Healthiest Companies in America award, R.J. O’Brien shares their four key steps to making their wellness program a success. Christy Trank, Human Resources Generalist – Benefits Administrator, with R.J. O’Brien tells the story.

How the R.J. O’Brien does it

At R.J. O’Brien, we place a high value on our employees and continually invest in their wellbeing. We partnered with Interactive Health because we believe they have the right combination: a wellness program that keeps employees happy and healthy, plus helps us control rising health care costs.

One of the concerns a lot of companies have is “how it this impacting the bottom line?” We wanted to make sure we could prove our wellness program was working so having a comprehensive report of our results was important to us. Interactive Health provides us with that every year and when we see our cost avoidance numbers come in at more than $90,000, we know our strategic decision to amplify our wellness program is paying off.

We offer a strong incentive and ongoing engagement that includes year-round activities to effectively increase participation, engagement and ultimately improve health outcomes. Interactive Health has helped us define four factors that influence our success:

A customized program. We wanted our program to focus on more than just physical health, so Interactive Health worked with us to develop a customized program that also included social, emotional, and financial wellbeing. Interactive Health evaluates our program each year and provides recommendations on how we can further customize our program to make it relevant to our employees.

Online resources. Interactive Health’s member website has numerous tools to help keep our employees engaged. Digital health trackers, workshops, a symptom checker, challenges – there’s a great deal of resources, and our employees are using them. In fact, 100% of those who participated in our wellness program registered online and used the website throughout the year.

Incentives. We found that the more we invest in our employees’ wellbeing, the more engaged they are, and the more it impacts our bottom line. So we offer a two-tiered incentive program. Employees receive an incentive for participating in challenges throughout the year and they can also receive another reward if they meet their personal health goal.

Communications. We have a multi-modal communications strategy that includes frequent email communications to promote activities and serve as reminders. We also have an active wellness committee that promotes and serves as the “face” of our wellness program from various departments.

Our strategic roadmap for our wellness program has evolved over the years to ensure that our employees are happy and healthy, and our partnership with Interactive Health has helped us get where we are.


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