Interactive Health serves over one million individuals annually to provide preventive care services and must be prepared to encounter a range of emergencies.  Hear how Michele Voss, Director of Clinical Services and the Interactive Health team used their experience, training and quick-thinking to help a member in distress.

Michele Shares How She Helped a Member with a Critical Need

All Interactive Health employees play an important role in our member’s health journey.  Members depend on us to provide them with personalized health resources, guidance and even assistance in extreme situations.

An individual called the Interactive Health member services team to enroll in a health coaching course. During this call, the member shared that he was unhappy and emotionally distressed.  In accordance with the departmental emotional emergency protocol, member services immediately transferred the member to me in the health management department.

As a nurse practitioner for over 20 years, I leveraged my clinical experience and the skills learned through ongoing training with our Licensed Clinical Psychologist to assess the situation. During the twenty-five minute-call, I could tell that member wanted to talk and was thankful for someone to listen to him. Before the call ended, the member was provided with access to professional follow up care.

Clearly defined protocols and extensive ongoing training allowed this team of highly skilled and educated health care professionals to worked together to provide the member with the critical help he needed in a timely manner.

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