Lindsay Brock, regional manager of screening services at Interactive Health works as a high-performance project manager with over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. She works closely with her immediate screening managers to inspire, train and guide their screening technicians to deliver high quality events to Interactive Health clients and memorable, teachable moments for their employees.

Lindsay highlights two outstanding team members who inspire and motivate others with their exceptional customer service, work ethic and dedication to their craft.  Their example motivates our staff and improves job performance leading to increased client satisfaction and a member satisfaction rate of over 98%.

See how Lindsay and her staff are making a difference  

I love what I do because I help make a positive impact and difference in people’s lives by helping them gain access to quality health services. Throughout my career at Interactive Health, I have learned that even one small step in a person’s health can lead to greater changes.

Working day in and day out with my amazing team, I enjoy helping them to be successful in delivering high quality services to improve employee health. As I think about exceptional team members who have truly inspired others and provide outstanding customer service; Fernando Gomez and Barry Gross are top of mind.

Fernando Gomez is a registered nurse who has taken on many roles over his 6-year career with Interactive Health.  In his current role, Fernando serves as a team lead and field recruiter for our health screening services.  He is very passionate and inspiring; always willing to go that extra mile for his coworkers, clients and employees.

Fernando gladly travels to locations outside his region to manage screening events when needed and assists in new hire and team lead trainings. Our employees look up to Fernando and genuinely want to work with him for the joy he brings to others and the leadership he provides.

Multiple clients have asked Fernando to come back year after year.  A client representative from a food manufacturing and supply company in Michigan recently said she would love to have Fernando back onsite and is already looking forward to next year.  A health plan representative attending the health screening echoed these comments and said that the team was “absolutely wonderful”.

Another shining star on our team is Barry Gross.  Barry joined Interactive Health in 2010 and has served as a team lead since 2013.  Barry stays relaxed in stressful situations, is organized, mindful of every detail, and always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure events run successfully.   Recently, Barry offered to team lead an event for a pharmaceutical company on the east coast with a short lead time.  He was quick to respond and willing to tackle this challenging situation.  With Barry’s leadership, the health screening event was executed flawlessly.

Barry’s co-workers will tell you he is a positive leader who is friendly and professional. He is always willing to travel anywhere in the US and helps train other staff whether they are learning to become a team lead or are new to the screening team.  Barry even uses his personal time to help other team leads with technological issues, timesheets, tracking sheets and more so everyone will be successful.

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