Working Well: Innovative Strategies in Workplace Well-Being

Addressing employee mental health and well-being is increasingly a top priority for business leaders, especially amid rising rates of overdoses and suicides nationwide. Taking a proactive approach to caring for the body and the mind benefits everyone. Stress, burnout, addiction, and depression ultimately cost employers billions in productivity and healthcare-related expenses. As today’s top talent demands better access to mental health care and innovative strategies to address well-being, executives must be prepared to redefine workplace culture and showcase tangible solutions. Given their collective purchasing power, business leaders are in a unique position to drive systemic change. This year, The Kennedy Forum convenes advocates, employers, HR professionals, labor leaders, and others to shine a spotlight on workplace well-being, and, in turn, create a better health care system for all.

Kate Wolin, Chief Science Officer with Interactive Health will serve as a community forum speaker at this event.

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