Join a Critical Conversation on the Changing Health Care Environment: The Imperative on Maximizing Workforce Operations

Join the American Hospital Association (AHA), expert thought leaders and healthcare executives concerned with workforce challenges for an insightful discussion about the imperative to maximize workforce operations on Wednesday, Oct. 25, in Chicago.

Based on the work completed by the AHA’s 2016 Committee on Performance Improvement, we will discuss the key workforce challenges that are expected to be further exacerbated as a transformation of the health care delivery system continues.

You will hear from executives of three healthcare organizations who are addressing the challenges and succeeding. Michael Kushner – Senior Vice President and Chief Talent Officer at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, FL will be one of three healthcare executives presenting at this event.  Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is an Interactive Health client and Michael will be sharing Nicklaus Children’s effective wellness strategy to engage their workforce to improve and maintain their own health and address health care expenses, while positively impacting the care of patients.

This is an opportunity to discuss in an intimate setting the challenges and solutions to operating human resource functions.Registration is required but there is no fee to attend.

Registration is required but there is no fee to attend.  Click here to register. 

This event is hosted by the American Hospital Association, Health Career Center, and the American Society for Healthcare Human Resource Administration

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