John Harris

Partner, Performance pH

Past Chairman of the HERO Foundation

“Optimizing Business Performance: Impacting the Cost, Engagement and Vitality of Your Workforce”

Business performance is highly impacted by unnecessary spending, inefficiency, and customer gain and retention. The commonality in these three factors is that they are all highly effected by how employees show up each day. John’s presentation addresses cutting edge ways to influence the cost, engagement and vitality of employees, which ultimately affects the top and bottom line.

For a copy of John’s presentation, click here.


Joseph O’Brien

President and CEO

Interactive Health

“Don’t Lose the Soul of Your Wellness Program”

Utilizing information gathered from over 1,400 clients, Joe shares third party data that illustrates the impact of wellness on medical costs and productivity. He identifies best practices among high-performing companies that utilize wellness as a corporate strategy to improve the health of employees and build competitive advantage.

For a copy of Joe’s presentation, click here.

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