Karyn Force, registered nurse and onsite wellness program coordinator at Interactive Health draws on her years of experience integrating western conventional medicine with eastern mind body therapies to help members reach optimal health and well-being.  

Karyn shares how she helps members

A little over a year ago, I was offered the opportunity to work onsite at The Haartz Corporation, a world leader in highly engineered and uniquely designed automotive topping fabrics and internal trim materials located in Acton, Massachusetts.

Haartz offers a wellness program as a tool to empower employees be their very best self at work by enabling them to balance professional and personal goals. As the wellness program evolved, Haartz implemented onsite wellness management in 2017 with a strong health coaching focus to help employees achieve their individual goals to live a healthier lifestyle.

To maximize participation in the program, I hit the ground running by making myself accessible to all employees, including but not limited to engineers, executives and manufacturing staff on all shifts making every effort to absorb myself into the organization’s unique culture.

I developed relationships, raised awareness on all available resources and tools and my appointment schedule began to fill up. In each coaching session, I listen to the employees and try to help them identify what they want to work on. There is no pressure to proceed on a set path; it is what is best for the individual.

Being present for people, pulling out their strengths and addressing the mind-body connection is also extremely important. As an RN, a certified yoga instructor and a Reiki master teacher with a degree in Psychology, I connect my deep love and commitment of healthy living with my passion and knowledge of both eastern and western science to help the employees identify and reach their health-related goals.

In just a year, the demand for onsite health coaching sessions have almost tripled and Haartz and their employees are seeing the value of one-on-one care.  Additionally, Haartz recently added a 2nd onsite wellness program coordinator as a part of their continued wellness strategy.

Helping people reach optimal health is our goal and I am proud to be a part of the members journey.

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