Ongoing concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19) have many people on edge. You may be feeling more stressed or anxious than usual — and that’s common during a health crisis or time of uncertainty. The good news: These resources can help.

Resources to support your emotional health



Responding to coronavirus: strategies to manage stress in uncertain times 
During these uncertain times, you may be feeling higher levels of stress and anxiety than usual. Learn practical strategies to maintain your—and your family’s—emotional health.




Healthwise: Online story book for children about Covid-19

CDC: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or caring for young children

Healthwise: Coping with grief

Psychology Today: Reversing social distancing depression



Your emotional health journey: ways to feel your best Download

Emotional health support: resources available Download

Stress: dealing with life changes (English | espanol)

Anxiety: choosing helpful thoughts (English | espanol)

Checklist on stress warning symptoms Download

Portable guide to stress relief Download



Building your resilience: Ever notice that some people seem to bounce back from life’s challenges? That’s resilience. This one-minute video offers strategies to boost your ability to recover from stresses and setbacks.

The power of mindfulness: Mindfulness practices can help reduce stress and anxiety. Discover how they benefit us physically and emotionally, and learn some techniques to use in your daily life.

Breathing and relaxation: As simple as it is, breathing is one of the most powerful methods of relaxation. Become aware of your breathing patterns and learn techniques to better manage stress and find deep relaxation. (Recorded webinar)

Strategies for sleeping well: If you’re like half the population, you may sometimes (or often) have trouble sleeping. This may be especially true during stressful times. Learn important strategies to help you improve your sleep. (Recorded webinar)



Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Daily life & coping

Anxiety and Depression Association of America: Managing COVID-19 anxiety

National Alliance on Mental Illness: COVID-19 information and resources

National Sleep Foundation: Sleep guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic


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